Session One

In Which there is a Mighty Bang and Divers Alarums

Ellisaur the swordmage, paladin Thomas Gardain and Dínendal the ranger were separately enjoying a pleasant morning in the Loudwater marketplace when a sudden explosion blew a 20 foot hole in the southern town wall. Taking advantage of their surprise, a sudden rush of goblins poured through, and many townsfolk were slaughtered.

The PCs, torn from their shopping, engaged the goblins in a wide arc, slaying perhaps half a dozen of the minions while a goblin shaman cast spells into the melee. Two other goblins broke into Garwin’s Curiosity Shop and made off through the breach with an undetermined item. The goblin minions were defeated (with some difficulty owing to assorted hexes) and the PCs joined together in the attack on the shaman, slaying him by the town well just before the guards arrived.

A brief pause in the action followed, as the breach in the wall was blocked by an overturned wagon and Thomas turned his attention to the wounded townsfolk, while Ellisaur searched the bodies for clues (and loot) which yielded a note written in goblin. The dwarf Garwin was consulted, and he revealed that only a single item was stolen from his shop—a goblin ritual dagger made of bone. He was also able to translate the note, revealing that the dagger was the target of the raid, and that it had been stolen from the Goblin Barrow by Curuvar the Brazen before being sold to Garwin. The note also included a mention that this artifact was necessary in the “reanimation of the Ogre King”.

When questioned, Curuvar admitted stealing the dagger, but “only as a souvenir.” He was really looking for some sort of “skull plaque” and will reveal the secret of the Ogre King if they can retrieve it.

Eager to retrieve the artifact and eliminate any goblin threat, the three heroes wheedled some healing potions out of Garwin and then banded together to pursue the raiders and tracked them into the Southwood, finding their lair in some old ruins. Through good luck, they discovered an underground chamber covered by a pit trap, and bypassed it through the secret passage. They then used the pit trap to their advantage—while Ellisaur and Thomas attacked three goblin guards in melee, Dínendal collapsed the timbers of the trap into the chamber below (uncovering a second pit trap below) and rained arrows into the fight from above. Ellisaur’s elemental powers and Thomas’ mighty axe did bloody work in the room below and the heroes prevailed.

A quick search of the room revealed an ancient “stepping plate”, an ancient teleportation device, but nothing further and the heroes cautiously opened the door leading deeper into the goblin’s barrow…


This is great, Paul! Thanks for writing it up.

Session One

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