An elven ranger with a longbow and a couple of swords. Because nobody's come up with that before!


Dínendal Level 1 Elf Ranger

STR 14 (+2) CON 11 (+0) DEX 18 (+4) INT 13 (+1) WIS 14 (+2) CHA 10 (+0)

AC: 16 Max HP: 23 Saves: Fort Reflex Will Size: M Speed: 7

Race Features: Elven Weapons Proficiency, Fey Origin, Group Awareness +1, Wild Step, Elven Accuracy

Class Features: Fighting Style: Archer, Hunter’s Quarry: +1d6, Prime Shot +1

Feats: Defensive Mobility, Two Weapon Fighting


At Will: Nimble Strike, Twin Strike,

Encounter: Fox’s Cunning, Elven Accuracy,

Daily: Hunter’s Bear Trap,

Skills: Acrobatics (+4), Arcana (+1), Athletics (+7), Bluff (+0), Diplomacy (+0), Dungeoneering (+7), Endurance (+5), Heal (+2), History (+1), Insight (+2), Intimidate (+0), Nature (+11), Perception (+9), Religion (+1), Stealth (+9), Streetwise (+0), Theivery (+4),

Equipment: Leather Armor, Longbow, Arrows x2, Longsword, Shortsword, Dagger, Standard Adventurer’s Kit,


A taciturn and solitary sort, even for an elf, Dínendal has always been drawn to the forests and wild places of Faerun. Hunting has been hard in recent years, however, and he has been seeking out employment as a caravan guard or as a scout. Lately he’s come to realize that working for such poor wages and small renown is no way to get ahead, and longs to become an adventurer.


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