Thomas Gardain

Young human built somewhat like a brick. Grim at first but quick to joke... or stab.


Age:17 Height: 6’1” Weight: 220 lbs

16 str 14 con 8 dex 10 int 14 wis 14 cha

20 Ac 16 fort 13 ref 15 will

29 hp 12 heal surges

speed 5

Trained: Diplomacy Endurance Heal Intimidate Religion

Languages: Common Dwarven

Feats: Healing Hands Human Perseverance Ritual Caster All Armour/Shields/Military Weaponry/basic ranged

Powers: Class: Channel Divinity Divine Challenge Lay on Hands

At Will: Holy Strike Bolstering Strike Enfeebling Strike

Encounter Radiant Smite

Daily: Paladin’s Judgement

Equipment: Full Plate Heavy Shield Battle Axe Sling Holy Symbol Backpack Bedroll Flint & Steel Belt Pouch Rope (50’) Sunrod (2) Water Skin Torch Flask 4 GP


Thomas was born with a twin who was quickly swallowed by the mire of disease and despair which is Luskan. His mother soon followed and he was left to his own devices. He grew up earning what he could and stealing what he had to, to survive. He had killed on several ocassions in self defence and despaired of ever escaping his miserable existance. One of the after effects of the spellplague is an island which floats above Luskan at times dropping acid or spellscarred monsters on the city. One evening just as dusk was about to settle into yet another night of terror in Luskan Thom was lucky enough to be watching a party of wanderers making their way out of town… just as a spellscarred monster landed on his back. From what little he remembers in his nightmares with was just a head with hideous long fangs and arms coming out of each side of the head ending in talons as long as daggers. It badly injured him leaving a deep cut from his back near his left hip up and over his right shoulder down to his belly button and well as a criss cross of bite marks and slashes all over his right side. The wandering party seeing this monstrosity mauling the teenager immediately attacked it and barely managed to save Thom’s life. One of their number, a dwarven Paladin of Moradin healed Thom as much as he was able though the scars were resistant to his divine magic. Seeing an opportunity for escape from the city Thom asked if he could accompany the party as their servant. Soon after joining the group Thom was so thoroughly impressed by the ways of the Dwarven Paladin Gardain that he asked to become his squire. Studying they ways of the different gods and battle as he traveled with the group he was consecrated as a Paladin of Torm only a year and a half later. After the festivities the party set out on a mission which Thom was asked to stay behind for seeing as his skills were as yet only rudimentary. It has been slightly more than a year since he was left in Loudwater and the party has not returned. During that time Thom has traveled to nearby settlements in search of news of his benefactors and mentor but has heard nothing. Currently he subsists as a general labourer and farm hand with those locals of the towns who have come to know him while he contues his studies and wait with ever lessening hope for the return of his friends.

Thomas Gardain

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